Saturday, October 01, 2011

Salemme returns with “ Kissed by luck ”

Vincenzo Salemme returns to the cinema with his new film: Kissed by luck. Alessandro Gassman, starring Asia Argento and directly from Zelig Giacobazzi. A funny story and full of misunderstandings. The first in Naples was a resounding success.

Salemme chooses his city, Naples for the premiere of his latest film: Kissed by luck. A comedy film and fun that sees among the protagonists, in addition to Salemme, a splendid Alessandro Gassman and Asia Argento. Let's not forget the presence of a large of comicit as Giuseppe Giacobazzi, protagonist of Zelig. The film adapted from a play of the same Salemme, flower of stroke and set in Parma. Vincenzo Salemme plays a COP napoletano is transferred to Parma. Divorced, must continually fight with food to pay allex wife and expensive new Home Companion, starring Asia Argento. Il Vigile urbano Salemme, played the same numbers in the lottery. One day fails to play the card. And this comes out. When everyone believe winner, he convinces himself and comes from a series of comical misunderstandings that you drag throughout the film.

A figure of fun that the Commander of the Wardens, played by Alessandro Gassman. A sneaky and bad character vaguely, but extremely fun. The Commander not only the leader of Salemme, but also his partner's postcard, Asia Argento. Aware of the winning his subordinate, Gassman will try to convince lamante to marry the watchful, so you can put his hand on the tesoretto derived from winning. A funny movie, at certain points the grotesque, which turn the light on the problem of the game, but not only. Also the behavior of men in relation to money, love and dellamicizia. In Kissed by luck, Salemme only makes lattore. As he himself States, wanted to from the task of Director and just focus on the acting and then entrusted the direction of his film to Paolo Costella. Salemme has been a veritable rain of Applauses during the first broadcast in Naples. Kissed by luck augur well. We have to go to see it at the cinema.

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