Monday, October 17, 2011

Outraged all over the world: from the United States at ’ Australia

The parade of outraged starred throughout the world. The main cities of our planet have been occupied by people who wanted to protest in an absolutely peaceful, by the United States to Canada, all United against the global economic system.What happened Saturday in our country was nothing short of disastrous, but millions of indignation throughout the world have protested in an absolutely peaceful to safeguard democracy. The world now is plummeting, the financial crisis has not spared any population, the outraged people are absolutely common who want to make their voices heard against this crisis, against Governments that seriously threaten to send in poverty millions and millions of families. The outraged many in the world, everyone has tried to have their say, without causing any kind of violence.

As in Rome, although much reduced, in New York there were clashes, but the situation is quite different: the police arrest you for the slightest thing, outraged many ended up in handcuffs for not respecting a curfew. It is a real peaceful demonstration, the same American police confirmed, but although there were more than two hundred arrests in various areas of protest. Chicago was the city where the indignant vehemence demonstrated physical, but without any kind of real violence. All United against Wall Street, against the Fund that have literally caused poverty and hardship for millions of families. Not only for the United States, outraged participated in all areas of the world for this peaceful protest.
In London there was some ’ clash, outraged, led by Julian Assange (founder of WikiLeaks) gathered mainly in St. Paul's Cathedral. Here Assange with megaphone wanted to tell her, declaring all his great joy in seeing millions of people in all the squares in the world to protest against an economic system that is destroying the common people. Assange we held to clarify how outraged the world does not want to destroy the law but this law is fars finally built. Outraged in Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Australia, Japan, Canada, all United for freedom.

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