Sunday, October 16, 2011

Online Casino games: Senate ok

After the ’ introduction of last July 18 online casino games, the ’ primary objective became only one now: delete any possible mafia infiltration from the gaming industry. And in this regard, dated October 5, 2011, the Senate has approved all the resolutions concerning unanimity ’ games, having discussed and assessed carefully the reports prepared by Anti-mafia Commission.

And ’ a given now established, that the games and the online casino in Italy now represent a market worth billions of euros. Therefore it is necessary to pay the utmost attention, as the criminalit organized always ready to infiltrate, in every market sector where there is a lot of money, such as the gaming industry and online casino. L ’ alarm was launched by Anti-mafia Commission, and the Senate is immediately activated in this way, by adopting a new resolution to give a series of licensing controls.

And this time in the classroom, the consensus was unanimous: on 221 votes nobody has expressed an opinion, and only a Senator you abstained. The ’ object of the resolution changing dell ’ article 88 of the Laws of public security (TULPS), which establishes that before issuing new licenses, must be executed by the competent authority, very thorough checks, which will address both prospective Admins, that the budgets of the societ dealerships.

In addition you will also modify the specific provisions with regard to tracciabilit of financial flows, juvenile and the prohibition of advertisements. During the debate in this House, the Senator of the Pdl Antonino Caruso, a member of the Antimafia Commission, pointed out that a good part of the collection of 70 billion l ’ year from games and online casinos, is subtracted from the mafia, through the operations of money laundering.

The Rapporteur of the Commission Antimafia, Luigi Li Gotti, he emphasized that, according to data collected subsequent to investigations of the Guardia di Finanza, the volume of money derived from illicit game, three times higher than that generated by the legal game. And ’ was made a very representative example of the real situation in the territory, as regards the vlt: the mafia has already found the method through the ’ installation of special chip to send only 20% of bets placed. Then request a greater attention from AAMS.
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