Friday, October 14, 2011

The first seasonal influences. Here's expert advice.

With the cold the first illnesses of the season: here's the cosnigli to deal with the arrival of winter.

And waited for the next settimanalarrivo delcattivo time and delfreddo, which according to estimates made daldottoreFabrizio Pergliasco, docentedellUniversit of Milanopotrebbe to read gi80 thousand people.
Among the people who will be more colpitesoprattutto children and the elderly, in particular children in bed with a fever will be more than 30 thousand. To hit will be ivirus para-influenza virus more than 262 that determine similar pathologies, but pi allinfluenza read.Behind the corner, therefore, await us colds, throat, stuffy nose and annoying febbricole. Nothing temperature and a responsible use deifarmacidi self-medication for relieving symptoms tips dellesperto.

The Council to try to not run in the first dAutunno diseases, says Pregliasco, and first to avoid thermal shock, perhaps passing dallambiente more hot home or auto to cold environment outside. Another Council, and continues to make a responsible use deifarmacidi self-medication to relieve symptoms.

For the true influence, however, confirms Pregliasco, ce still wait: first sporadic cases finds should occur no sooner than November, while the actual spread seasonal dellinfluenza should begin, according to the forecasts, by the end of December.

Do not forget then warns the virologist, and flu vaccination recommended, especially for categories of people most at risk as the elderly and chronically ill. But to get vaccinated, concludes Pregliasco, and again soon
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