Saturday, October 08, 2011

Berlusconi launches “ Party della gnocca ” … but it's just a joke.

Silvio Berlusconi jokingly proposed to change the name of the party under Gnocca: PD replica condemning the proposal and calling Berlusconi a "pig".
Silvio Berlusconi, the current President of the Council ’, launches its yet another provocation: change the name of his party by the people of Freedom Party della gnocca. The Knight spoke of his new “ idea ” at a press conference in which among other topics parlatodel relationship with Tremonti, the successor to Bankitalia of Mario Draghi, disagreements with the judiciary.

The current name of our party said Berlusconi a name that no longer in the heart of the people.But the new found the Premier could not miss the controversy …

In fact, the immediate reaction delsegretario Democrats Pier Luigi Bersani spoke of a little out of place and spiritual species because at that time held the funeral of five workers death in Barletta following the collapse of the building that housed the laboratory where they were employed. Also the reaction of hard ’ Mrs Paola Concia who called Berlusconi a hog “ ”.The youth Minister Giorgia Meloni intervened in the controversy triggered by the Premier, saying Berlusconi quips, but in some cases would do better to avoid!On his side only ’ Mrs Alessandra Mussolini that cos commented on the proposal: force gnocca? And ’ national, would join the North to the South and would take a roar of votes!
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