Thursday, October 06, 2011

Angelica and Ferdinand are left.

And ’ over a ’ d ’ love story started during the ’ of the famous 11th edition of Channel 5 reality show, big brother. After Margaret and Andrew d ’ history love between the Neapolitan Ferdinando Giordano and la romana AngelicaLiveraghi come to an end.

The news was given this afternoon on the Facebook pages of two boys and was then made official this afternoon during Afternoon 5 with Barbara d Urso ’. The presenter at the beginning of the broadcast claimed that its editors put in contact by telephone with Angelica, which confirmed the end of his story d ’ love with Ferdinand, crying desperately.

Are not known yet the reasons which led to the end of their story d ’ love, even if well informed about a betrayal by the gloomy napoletano to the detriment of the beautiful Angelica that in these hours would be packed, abandoning cos the House that the two shared in Rome, until a few days ago.On their history d c ’ ’ love the few they had gambled at ’: the quarrels between the two in the House of the GF, were, in fact all ’ agenda, yet their story d ’ love lasting for more than 10 months.

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