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Health: missing orthopaedists. Too many complaints

Orthopaedics is scary. The young medical students avoid specialisation in orthopaedics. Reason? Too many complaints. About 1,800 a year. And then to specialize only 200 students a year.

Orthopaedics is scary. And not for the difficulty of the course, but for the complaints that have rained on orthopaedic. In fact, orthopaedists are most subject to complaint. Over 1800 complaints ". A beautiful record. In the negative, is meant. And this prospect does escape the undergraduate specialization in orthopaedics. To be true, we must stress that the lapse in over 1,800 complaints l80% of cases. But according to Siot, Cluw orthopaedics and Traumatology, don't come to 200 students each year choose orthopaedics as specialization. The Association has found itself in a National Congress in Rimini. In short, do lortopedico seems to be rather dangerous. About 7,000 orthopedic doctors, at least 2000 received a complaint. It is estimated that every year an orthopedist subject to complaint, ends up having the fifth of his professional time only for cards and bureaucratic paperwork.

In these terms, imagine the flight of the new generation. In 2010 the SIOT only scientific society that has entered into an agreement with Footsteps, lOsservatorio medical examiner who has the task of monitoring the judgments in the field of professional liability of physicians. In the Court of Rome, about 3 million complaints made to the Orthopedic, are only 69 doctors orthopedic recalled to judgement. And usually with the entire team. At least these are the data leaked from Congress. Among other news we stress those relating to pi notifiable. First place goes to spinal interventions, covering the 16% of the complaints. To follow the allanca prosthesis and surgery of the foot. In all, in 2010, were paid 6.5 million euros for the biggest slice, 2.5 million to compensate vertebral interventions. With this data in hand understandable that kids prefer to avoid specialisation in orthopaedics

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