Saturday, October 01, 2011

Italy Rome: the new name could be Quagliarella

The Rome always on the lookout for a striker, strongly interested in Brazilian striker Leandro Damiao, of great talent.
The transfer of Roma lives, at this time, especially on the search for a striker alongside Totti, the only reliable and durable stone available to Luis Enrique. One possibility might be represented by Quagliarella now underway at full recovery after the serious injury suffered last season and play in the next predicate challenge against Milan champion dItalia.

However, the Bell, there seems to be a favorite by Count, in advanced, has several choices available, and also sullacquisto Tevez, disputed by a number of clubs, now also the PSG Leonardo. first choice, however, Sabatini always remains Leandro Damiao, the Brazilian national under allInternacional of Porto Alegre, who is playing a start to the season is nothing short of exhilarating.The same Prosecutor of Brazilian left open a window to Rome. Linteressamento club giallorosso pride Damiao. The Rome club from a great story, and Leandro would be honored to play with Totti. The problem, as it happens, as usual the money, and for the strong Brazilian striker, Sabatini should definitely several sganciarne. At the time the assessment around 30 million but, in the case were to continue to score with his current club and the National Green-Gold, the value of the card could get even 50 million, nearly equal to the current minimum fee release clause. And in front of digits of a hesitation the minimum that can happen.

Seen, however, that the real problem of Luis Enrique scoring just in nature, a striker for Roma should take it. Osvaldo, albeit with difficulty, is beginning to score, but one that has definitely disappointed that Bojan that Luis Enrique wanted at all costs. The giallorossi, however, can always count on Borriello, although his future at Rome seems to be uncertain.

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