Monday, October 10, 2011

Madonna Hot scandal here is the offending photos

Madonna's hot photos continue to go around the web. She rages and calls for justice. Madonna like you've never seen!

The fury of Madonna, hot shots, stolen during a photo shoot with Steven Klein, made between the 2008/2009. This is the news that rages on the web. The great pop star, is at the Media Centre for a fate similar to toccata to Scarlett Johansson รข€" nude photos that speak for themselves. Madonna really angry for photos, not only because circulate without his authorization, invasion of privacy, but c ’ who even rumored that diva has been disappointing, because the photos are so little indeed no, say as well non-existent glamour.

She who always so impeccable, never out of place and glamour, was hit in the deep, in what does pi bad: his image out of place; Hair, no makeup, attitude uncomfortable, in fact really out, but to dive as Madonna all permission.At the bottom of the photo, even if misplaced “ “, showing a really impeccable physical tonic, and hardly accessible to any woman of 5o years and more.

But she Madonna!

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