Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baila deleted: Monday night in the final.

Also the show by Barbara D'Urso, Baila fallen victim of auditel: next Monday the final.
Nothing to be done for the show by Barbara D Urso, Baila, ’ focused on binomial-vip-dance. After the unsatisfactory ratings in the first three episodes recorded network, ’ Editor (as would d ’ Urso!) decided to reduce the episodes of the program from 8 to 4, determining, cos, the early closure. Monday 17 October andr, cos, aired the final program at 21.15 on Canale 5.

For d ’ Urso's fourth program that is closed in advance: before he was touched to Reality Circus, then the show Fantasy conducted with Luca Laurenti, followed by tonight that evening and now, dulcis in fundo, Baila, one of the programs on which home Mediaset had bet much. And instead, despite lots of Baila advertisements that ja received on paper printed in all Tv (Rai and Mediaset) has not taken off. The rest already the first episode of the program, organized in a few hours after the issuing of the judgment in ’, had not convinced the public: the curve of the programme, in fact, after a debut with almost 6 million viewers was dropped in the final at the threshold of 2 million poor, confirming the lack of appeal that the premiere of the program, without no head no tailhad on the audience. Would not have been better, then, to postpone the episode d ’ program to debut Monday following the ruling, in order to better organize the outline of the programme, so as to avoid the ’ yet another failure for Barbara wonder d ’ Urso, who now wonder woman “ ” has very little?

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