Friday, October 07, 2011

Giorgia: from tomorrow's new single and ’ l ’ love that matters.

Giorgia between super-heels and laughter witch Venice with the new single ' love that counts: from tomorrow the video on Youtube.
A few days her new single and ’ l ’ love that counts is broadcast all radio and tomorrow it will be possible to also see the official video on Youtube. Her Giorgia, one of the most popular Italian singers and brave! After the single my best day who has climbed the ranks of pi heard of this ’ summer the Roman singer offers a new single, the second from ’ album behind the appearances.The video we can see was filmed in Venice daGaetano Morbioli, signing many of the clips that we see on Mtv and other music channels: a series of close-ups of Giorgia in fast sequence to outline a true portrait. +

Waiting to see it from the vivoalPalalottomatica di Roma il 21 January 2012 and Mediolanum Forum di Assago on 24 of the same month, with her new tour, we announce that Sunday 9 October, Giorgia sar host Federica Panicucci-Sun 5, where in addition to present the new single conceder also a lengthy interview, in which parler of his new role as mother. Soon the singer will also host Lorella Cuccarini-Sun … Cos life and new show of Fiorello, The biggest spectacle after the weekend, leaving in November on RaiUno

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