Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Melania Rea – latest news: Salvatore killed before the daughter?

Salvatore Parolisi allegedly killed Melanie before the eyes of his daughter: this latest shocking news of the case.

Lomicidio of giovaneMelania Reacontinua to keep the bench and to divide public lopinione. And news of these hours, in fact, the news that Salvatore Parolisi checol days pass continues to be only responsible for the death of a woman, he killed his wife just before the eyes of the young Victoria. a new element that could even more upset the lives of the little girl, that ritrovata without allimprovviso you MOM and pap.The girl, who asks the man to see continuation, at the time entrusted to the custody of grandparents.

A few days ago, in addition, the Attorney Naples asked even revoked shall home potest Parolisiper to her daughter, now located in Somma Vesuviana, cared for and protected by his maternal grandparents.The Proxy is deployed on this side; the same judges have asked to be appointed a special custodian to take care to safeguard the interests of the minor. The last word, the juvenile court.

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