Monday, October 10, 2011

Guardia di Finanza seized in Palermo a large quantity of counterfeit

The Guardia di Finanza seized fake 220,000 from Naples. Arrested one of two carriers, while the other has avoided arrest due to his disability.
Maxi seizure in Palermo by the Guardia di Finanza, counterfeit, ready to be put into circulation.The seizure occurred this morning in the Sicilian capital, when the financiers have stopped two men of bells with a duffel bag inside which were found 3,900 banknotes totalling 220,000. The notes were 1,400 from 100 thousand euros from 50 and 1,500 from 20. the amazing thing was the high quality of falsification, since banknotes featured as part of security measures on tickets of various cutting, had been taroccate, just say, with some care and attention.

Of the two characters who were aboard a ferry from Naples, one was arrested, while the other was referred to Judicial Authorities in ’ State of freedom as handicapped his State of the disability then served to avoid arrest.Increasingly fierce and prepared the organized criminalit, against which the State must put in place the better than it has in-flight. Once entered into circulation banknotes false could do little damage alleconomia, to which they were intended, and especially to unsuspecting people who, in the obvious approach is to recognise a counterfeit banknote vera a, they would lose their money.

Will the Treaty one of the most significant seizures of counterfeit notes of recent years, notes that, as mentioned, were made with the utmost care, so that security thread or holograms, the glossy stripe and embossed, could exceed the normal checks that any one person can do. Once changed, for example a good 100 lignaro consumer would be found with the waste paper in his hand.
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