Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The October 21, 2011 there will be the end of the world.

Friday we will die for an earthquake. Supports Harold Camping, great announcer of woes ... Miss it!
By Friday we will exist no more. Puff, become dust. Or at least that what goes prophesying taleHarold Camping, President of Family Stations, a group of tv and radio to the religious character of California and already famous for his predictions. Wrong. “ but this time, ensures the true ” ’ Spry-year old, recovering from a stroke that l ’ hit a few months ago. The disease seems to have done so if because the preacher that Friday October 21 die all (except, of course, some elected) due to an earthquake that would envy to that of Japan.

Others flop-Camping studies the Bible by 70 years and these studies are based on his calculations. Yet according to the Prophet (gi won an Ig Nobel Prize-based research more absurd), the world would be gi had to finish the 6 September ’ May 21, 2011 and 94. Nothing to do. For what concerns this time pi superstitious mode with which the State did the ’ ad. Almost muted compared to previous ones that resembled more a publicity stunts. We'll see, not missing much. Certain that the preacher is gi candidate for the Ig-Nobel 2012. At least a small comfort.
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