Saturday, October 01, 2011

Sex and Zen? No, better Salemme Kissed by luck

Arrives in cinemas Kissed by luck, new film comedian of the Neapolitan actor-director Vincenzo Salemme. The master of laughter by vigilant betrayal becomes millionaire thanks to a big win the lottery. Nicole Grimaudo at his side, Asia Argento, Elena Santarelli and Alessandro Gassman
Vincenzo Salemme returns to the cinema with Kissed by luck a film between laughter and satire that points to hit big at the box office. In the same week the Italian comedy film sar flanked by Blood Story, a story about children's blood-thirsty and Sex and Zen, 3D sex film from Hong Kong. The Neapolitan actor director, master of laugh, tells a story of a man who wins the lottery and changes his life of watchful spiantato neo-millionaire. Nicole Grimaudo at his side and Asia Argento, Elena Santarelli and Alessandro Gassman.

Kissed by luck and Vincenzo Salemme by vigilant becomes millionaire, but at his side there are young children and sex zen in Hong Kong. While the Neapolitan Director film based on the film laughter and gag, dizzying beauty mixed with Blood, the Story of a Swedish remake film known by the name of let the right one. Matt Reeves, Director of the film bloody, tells the story of two children remember details of a story d ’ childhood. Also comes in the romantic thriller gi became a cult Drive with Ryan Gosling and Dangerous Method.

The Neapolitan Director, Vincenzo Salemme, points to the win at the box office, wins the lottery and tries to marry his girlfriend, who betrays him with Alessandro Gassman. In the same week a news for the hard kind: Sex and Zen, the first erotic film in allows that in China has already received much more than Avatar, a masterpiece of Steven Spielberg. The film hot cost three million dollars, but you know that the Chinese market, in all areas, hard to beat. The Neapolitan Director forever in our hearts and gives us laughter and fun along with quite a carnet of women. Good vision and good fun!

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