Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fashion: is the new party tour

Started a new tour of the Mod. The Italian band of the moment launched Viva romantics toru to Forum di Assago in Milan. The success was really incredible and the Mod will touch different Italian town. After the tour for there will be a break for the band.

They made Street mods since last edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, a real springboard towards the success more than deserved. The band, which was already known for the single Are gi only thanks to Sanremo has had a boost in the IP to be from a public IP. ’ party and finally the new tour of the Mod and success already. After a summer spent ’ between various Italian squares the Mod have decided to continue with their Living the romantic tour for fifteen stages in major Italian city. The ’ aim to satisfy all their fans, in this way virtually all ’ Italy.

Mods are the Group of the moment, to be considered as their latest album, long live the romantic, was the second most sold in ’ year, behind only Vasco Rossi. This reason d ’ pride for five guys grew up together with a ’ single passion: music. Success arrived in a ’ et mature, trent ’ years which for many is the turning point of life. For Mod party the new tour from Forum di Assago in Milan and c ’ were more than 11,000 people ready to listen to the great success of the band.

Viva romantic tour promises to be sold out in all the various stages which will continue towards Parma, Brescia, Trento, Treviso, Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Rome and so on. The leader of the band, Brian, just took the stage of Milan has not hidden his strong and great emotion to see everything that audience, format for most families, ready to listen to a lot of passion with his songs. Among the most easy, click on the web ’ save me, l c ’ latest single of Mod in which Brian tells of a difficult moment of his life, it is a dialogue with God. ’ and the new party Mod tour after this month's dates the band for you riposer for a time.

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