Friday, October 21, 2011

Clooney, Stacy and the mysterious patch on the breast

Archived broadcast history with Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney increasingly close to his new flame Stacy Kleiber. But on the breast of a woman, a mysterious patch check.

George Clooney and Stacy Kleiber are always pi. Lo scapolo d ’ gold wasted no time and after having filed the story with our Elisabetta Canalis, jumps headfirst on Stacy Kleiber.

Looked like a fleeting dalliance, the classic adventure to forget a past history, and instead George Stacy and seem to take seriously. The two inseparable, events occur and the first film, as the IDEs of March “ ”, where George and Stacy appear happy and smiling, only that photographers immortalize a detail really interesting daldcollet mark Stacy: a mysterious patch.
Sar only a small wound, or the beautiful girlfriend of George Clooney has adjusted slightly the breast? None of this, the patch on the breast, just a ploy to keep up her dress, embroidered and with heavy stones, totally uncovered shoulders and even before. In short, the patch only served to keep the suit stuck to the skin, to prevent the slide.

Sar ...Meanwhile not gone unnoticed, such as doesn't pass unnoticed their feeling now consolidated. Avr forgotten altogether Elizabeth, George and the good time that decides to put his head in place or just a false alarm.

At the bottom of George Clooney!

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