Friday, October 07, 2011

Melania Rea latest news: January month of turning

Melania Rea latest news: the case still on the high seas, will probably be something extra in January, the month in which there will be a hearing before the Court of Cassation. Here, one suspect Parolisi Salvatore, will discover in the future.

Investigations on ’ murder of Melania Rea continue incessantly, but at the moment still not arrived at a turning point. The latest news on the case speak especially of Melania Rea Salvatore Parolisi, ’ only when the suspect on the death of the young 28 year. The situation could change in a positive or negative for the corporal major in January. And ’ this month, the 25, which will be discussed the case in front of the judges of the Court of Cassation. In this hearing ’ more shed light on the murder of Melanie Rea ’, the latest news are clear Parolisi could at this point also leave the prison.

There were in fact found evidence that show his guilt and also defence is working hard to find scientific evidence that definitively Salvatore Parolisi scagionerebbero. In short, everything still on the high seas, but for the first hearing there will definitely be more specific elements from the various reports that the Ris have performed on various scientific evidence that emerged from the place of ’ murder. From the latest news on ’ murder of Melania Rea could be also some test pi concerning the famous bassoon found near the forest where slain MOM of Somma Vesuviana. It is thought that some garment left just by ’ murderer, but we take some time to analyze and understand if it can be a concrete evidence or not ’ enter absolutely nothing with the case.

And ’ for obvious that something will change in January, especially Salvatore Parolisi that ritrover to find out if they will have to remain still for a long time in jail or will eventually rediscover freedom. Having regard to the case of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, Italy everything possible! And ’ clear that there are underlying problems in our judicial system, essential that each test is not left to chance, the slightest mistake could cost you dearly.

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