Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Census 2011: deadlines and procedures.

There have until 22 October to fill in the form of the 2011 Census. Answer the census is required by law: penalty a fine from EUR 200 to 2 000 euro.

About us? How many are we? Where we live? Are just some of the questions of the questionnaire prepared dallIstat to photograph our family, today October 9, 2011. Boxes must be filled da25 million famiglieitaliane. This is del15esimocensimentodella the Italian population.
Shopping revelation that allow to know the demographic and social structure and dellItalia of its territory, to acquire useful information to better understand the reality in which we live and to take more informed decisions by institutions, companies and individual citizens. We ourselves, in fact, the real stars dellindagine.

You can fill in the questionnaire on the web by clicking on the site:, using the password on the first page of the paper sent home. For any technical issues you puchiamareilnumeroverdegratuito 800.069.70. or you can fill out the paper and deliver postal or municipal centres. Those not compiled from 21 November will be withdrawn from detectors.Answer the census is required by law: penalty a fine from EUR 200 to 2 000 euro.

However, in these hours, many citizens in the several City went to the post offices for delivery of the model, could not give course alloperazione. Unable to post, deliver the connection information for the withdrawal of the questionnaire. Yesterday, in addition, c was a flop and the compilation online.

C ’ until 22 October to receive the questionnaire and the password to use online. Deadlines for repayment are: December 23, 2011, in municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants; January 31, 2012, in the municipalities up to 150,000 inhabitants; February 29, 2012 for those above 150,000.
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