Friday, October 14, 2011

Men and women-Pink Throne: Chiara, Giorgia and offending shoes

Today men and women, pink throne. Clear against Giorgia: the battle continues ... and half the shoes Gabrio.

Continue the strife between the two troniste Clear Sammartino and Giorgia Lucini; Reason of ’ yet another argument? A pair of shoes give by Gabrio AUC during their last. Maria De Filippi, during the airing of ’ of ’ between rvm Giorgia and Gabrio, is forced to stop the video, because in studio c ’ a clearly angry.

Clear does not tolerate the attitude of the suitor Gabrio ’, considers false and hypocritical and invites him to shut up. Obviously the suitor responds to Clear words, clarifying that his attitude could also be provocative towards him. In fact, from the ’ between Giorgia and Gabrio comes out a sort of provocation, more than a real interest. At the end to Clear the same decide to take him out for the external ’: response to Giorgia that instead brings Giuseppe?

Joseph l ’ other suitor who is giving the wire from twist to the two, but eventually ” by Giorgia “ forced to choose, decide to jump on. And ’ really interested in Clear or does it just because it digests the fact that Giorgia like Gabrio. In short, it formed a triangle or a square amoroso really interesting but also danger.

That succeed in the next external ..?
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