Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Elena Santarelli spanking by a senior

Elena Santarelli spanking by an elder. It happened these days allastazione of Milan where the showgirl and at one point an elderly man has spanking with his stick. Elena Santarelli did not want to denounce the incident.

In a country like ours where there is still a great machismo, it actually understands gi who governs us, should not be very shocking what happened to the showgirl Elena Santarelli. The girl stood at the station of Milan, when at one point a senior decided to stick with his spanking her, uttering these words: “ run ” filly. The fact really very curious, say that listening to this news a chuckle there escapes. This because our country was accustomed to live this way, the girls seem to be to admire objects solely for their beauty and just. If the Premier even wants to rename his party Strength Gnocca clear that we are now arrived at the fruit.

Basically in Italy is missing the proper respect for women, which must not be regarded as the weaker sex or simply beauties to admire. The Italian woman has a brain and as such should be absolutely respected. Elena Santarelli spanking by a senior only an episode reported in the newspapers because it is a celebrity, but do you know how many Italian women live constantly these situations? There are thousands, but of course do not talk because they are normal people. Every day to happen such situations, especially at the workplace, but ’ too much silence around.

Elena Santarelli spanking by a senior can be definitely smile, but an attitude. The showgirl not to whether the ’ heard talking with his lawyers and report the ’ happened to a public official, a serious error, because now that senior sar ’ free to make that gesture to any other girl. In short, Elena Santarelli preferred to drop everything and just try to forget this story. Women take Care, we are not only puppet in the hands of men.
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