Monday, October 03, 2011

Katarina Knezevic ensures: are the real girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi, I just got the ’ ring!

Continues to search the real girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi. After all the would-be “ ” girlfriends of premier, the ’ list is long but passes by Daniela Santanch and daSabina aRoberta Bonasia Began aGraziana Capone, is also rumored Gaddafi's daughter, Aisha Gaddafi in short who has pi pi and so forth.L ’ ufficialit for all these stories never occurred, except in some cases partial manner. At least until today. This is in fact check the ” to the “ new entry Court of Silvio Berlusconi, Katarina Knezevic ensures to be her, the ’ one and only true premier's girlfriend.
1991 classes, Katarina was Miss Montenegro. The Montenegrin girl has recently released a ’ interview, telling the truth on engagement; Here below part of the ’ interview with Henry Fierro:

Ms. Katarina can make some question?Yes, but face quickly that I'm starting to Arcore. Arcore, some say intimate Berlusconi, she makes the waitress, right?Are lies, lies, of those who want to hurt me and my love.About his love, forgive me?He, Silvio BerlusconiE she didn't her maid?No, how many times I have to say. I am the official girlfriend, write it, please, and try at least once to avoid telling lies.But she Arcore what does?Arcore my house, since she insists the d other evening news, in the heart of the celebrations for his birthday, the President gave me lanello engagement, we are officially engaged.I my best wishes, and when you married? true, as some witnesses say that she and her sisters stressed Berlusconi?It cannot blackmail the man you love. true that Berlusconi has paid 750mila euros?Cos shortly and if they were three million?Tell you how many are.I think to be worth much more than that (c) f.How many years he had when he met Berlusconi?I don't know, I don't remember, but not that that matters. Our great love, and the rest are bales, inventions, vicious.Yet Emilio Fede, at least according to what is revealed by a girl who attended Arcore, would insist in saying that she keeps in check Berlusconi. Emilio Fede? And who?Another girl tells of when she is Royal Scot during dinners and putting naked in the middle of the table.Envy of those who wanted to be the first woman. Silvio chose me and this causes envy and poisons.Remember that scene of jealousy, when butt stairs?You can fall from the stairs, even if you drank too much and you lose the ’ balance.An Ultima question: soon we will see next to the premier during official visits?I think, are official girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi.

Are just falsit, as they say around, or the good that we finally found the real girlfriend of Berlusconi … the mystery deepens and the search continues!

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