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Friends 11: Begins the challenge and restart disputes-Video Emma Brown

Afternoon Maria De Filippi, reopened the doors of the famous ’ school pi d Italy. Restart friends with many surprises but also controversy. The talent show, conceived and conducted, by tv, Maria De Filippi arrived at ’ Eleventh Edition; Many things have changed since that distant 2001, back when the program was called Fame, the name was later changed for legal reasons.
Maria De Filippi decides to make changes to the program and faculty enters Mara Maionchi. How ironic met… record producer does not pass some unnoticed, the first episode of friends. Judges for the first time the boys, aspiring students who perform in front of an audience and precisely to the jury of professors, including the Maionchi, divided into groups of singing and dancing. Begin the first friction between Grace and Michele Maionchi, while c ’ more intense between Mara and Rudy Zerbi.

The sea very rough, as always in the field of dance. The Celentano, wants to make a difference, for a change and judges against the dancers that are not classic. This time to choose only one of the brothers Becerra. Jose and Adrian indeed appear as classical dancers but for Celentano passes only Jose; Save Adrian thinks Cannito, escaped danger! Thirty-one boys pass the first phase, other guys will be evaluated in the next episode of friends, and the October 24 avr start school, real. In short, continuous casting for guys who want to enter the school of “ Friends ”.

Host of the first episode, the talented Emma Brown presented his new single “ Sar free “. The video of the ’ performance.

emma Brown

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