Saturday, October 08, 2011

Purpose: If you really loved the country Berlusconi should resign.

Purpose: it ended the time of Berlusconi and of bipolarity. Law-Wiretaps? Only for someone.Casini: Berlusconi will face aside. Is he the obstacle to moderate unit.

“ If the President of the Council really loved ’ l Italy should take a step back by allowing someone else to rule “ ’.Cos the President of the Chamber, Gianfranco Fini at the convention in future and Freedom in Palermo.
Then attacks: “ no time now to think of myself. Berlusconi should take a bath of umilt, not pi pu, video ads and promises which are not maintained. The Premier onal ’ other chores busy ”. Stored on wiretapping: “ and ’ a law only for the interest of someone ”. Second, in addition, over the ’ was of Berlusconi and of bipolarity.

Also ’ UDC leader Casini, convinced that Berlusconi should step aside. The ’ only thing believable that the premier can do now, step aside, said: not to go into exile, but to compete in a different way in democratic life.

Casini returned to advocate a Government of national responsibility, which includes forces pi series of left and right. According to Casini, in fact, the Prime Minister l ’ obstacle to ’ unit of moderates. Housed in the Red Bologna, Casini former Christian Democrat did praise the missing l ’: ” I acknowledge that Pci c ’ been a generation that is sacrificed and fought. Today the political ideal: only run at a seat ”.

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