Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Snaptu: here's that mark Borriello

For the offensive, the Naples seems to be interested in Marco Borriello, now on the outskirts of Rome, since he preferred Osvaldo Luis Enrique.
The transfer of Naples is enriched by another name, weight, no doubt, to the offensive. It's now tagged Borriello, pi in the stands that bench, Luis Enrique, is experiencing a difficult season.Yet, shortly before the end of the summer market, the same coach AWAI had secured lattaccante about its use. Had told him that mark was a major player and that the company had on him. Many words and few facts, Borriello field he could observe only from afar. In practice, slipped on the fringes of the team for which at the end of the market had also rejected the proposals.

But football did cos. Sullaltare today and tomorrow in the dust, and vice versa. Napoli, on the other hand, that of strikers has actually need, given the disappointing performance of Pandev, seems to be interested in Borriello, although, in fact, it is a player of Neapolitan origin, and thus not much liked by De Laurentiis, who believes the campanians ill-adapted to Naples. But in the team Despite there already an exception, Captain Cannavaro, that one of the pillars of defence, and not said then that a second Neapolitan cannot do well.

The Naples, and his audience, it would be just the right place to revitalize a striker who was one of the best Italian striker, a national, one capable of doing Department alone and therefore able to replace where appropriate one of the three tenors.Borriello followed dallInter and PSG, the club all in Europe, but understand that good would not Mark the sirens seduce foreign and prefer by far the target.We'll see. Sure Borriello, in January, going to Rome.
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