Thursday, October 13, 2011

Luciana Littizzetto: Fabio Fazio, better child porn actor

Luciana Littizzetto: neinte Fabio Fazio, better child porn actor. Actress and comedienne not present these days to what time ago Fazio because grappling with the film and a star. The Littizzetto committed on set in Turin.

All have wondered what did Luciana Littizzetto. L ’ actress and comedienne in fact not pi in transmission by Fabio Fazio what time ago, a situation that has a p suspicious. In short the Littizzetto always been the icing on the cake for the transmission of Raitre, his finals have always been more followed. La Rai has thought of making out she too? Still not cos, Luciana Littizzetto grappling with a film, and a ’ star, by Lucio Pellegrini. The rirpese are going to Turin and among the actors find the Littizzetto along with Rocco Papaleo and Peter Castellitto, son of the famous actor and director Sergio.

The story of ’ and a star is born inspiration completely all ’ novel by Nick Hornby and tells the story of a seemingly ordinary family struggling with a discovery is nothing short of shocking. The plot focuses on the story of a woman teacher (Luciana Littizzetto) and a simple employee (Rocco Papaleo) who married for many years suddenly discover that their dear son of nineteen (Peter Castellitto) actually a porn actor. Obviously the film avr also implications comedians, but focuses primarily on difficult communication often operates between children and parents. For Luciana Littizzetto so no Fabio Fazio, the better a child porn actor.

The film should indeed leave by next spring, so in these few months l ’ actress and comedienne sar pushing hard on the set of Turin. Viewers will have to wait quite a p of time before you can see what time ago by Fazio. The same presenter in recent days has virtually made an appeal for Luciana, inviting her to hurry up on set to return as pi soon in its television broadcast. Certainly the lack of friendly Littizzetto is pi that feel, Fazio realized that an important reference point for what time ago. Luciana Littizzetto nothing Fabio Fazio, the better a child porn actor, so must the presenter Raitre you arrange for a time without his Lucianina.
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