Monday, October 17, 2011

Black Bloc: here's who I am

The black bloc are raiding the procession of the Indignatos in Rome. Destroying cars, banks, throwing stones, but who are they?
Have terrorized a whole city, transformed a peaceful demonstration in times of violence and barbarity but who are the black bloc.

In Italy the black bloc entered the scene in 2001, during the G8 in Genoa. a number of anarchist protesters dressed in black, rotting in the streets of the city, creating panic and chaos. Guerrilla warfare in the streets of Genoa, ’ draws media attention who begins to investigate and analyze, behavior, violent and senseless, host of anarchists, who are baptized Black Bloc. In fact the term was coined in the years ’ 80 by the German police, who us the definizioneSchwarzer Block to indicate, that part of demonstrators all dressed in black, which sowed terror and violence to the streets of the city.

The G8 Summit in Genoa, not the ’ only time that the black bloc out of the closet, the 14 December 2010 on the occasion of confidence to the Berlusconi Government, protesters anarchists dressed in black create turmoil in Rome, burning numerous means of forces of the ’ order and causing damage in the city. Situation very similar to that on 15 October in Rome, where many black bloc, they raided the procession of Indignatos Pacific, causing damage to banks, churches, cars, the headquarters of the Ministry of defence, and forces of order ’; also Destroyed a crucifix and the statuette of our Lady of Lourdes. There are damages amounting to one million euros, 135 injured and 12 arrests.

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