Thursday, October 06, 2011

Vasco Rossi withdraws the lawsuit and Uncyclopedia, reopens

After the decision of Vasco Rossi to withdraw the lawsuit, Uncyclopedia, reopens its doors. The war is over!

All's well that ends well. So begins the communication issued by Vasco Rossi, directly on your Facebook fan page, where it is know that after the lawsuit, Uncyclopedia, reopened.It seems therefore come to an end, the vicissitudine procedure and media, which in recent days has seen involved the famous rocker of Zocca.

Certainly the media case avr had an essential role in the choice of Vasco Rossi to withdraw the lawsuit account managers of Uncyclopedia. The controversy of the singer and the alleged defamation of the contents of the site, had raised a fuss unprecedented; The people of the web is divided into two, one part the faithful supporters of Vasco, with him in good and evil, from other fans of the ’ site or people who don't believe in bad faith to Uncyclopedia, so a real boom media, which was beginning to take a bad turn.
Something you had to do it, but to try to salvage and in this sense, has pensatobene VascoRossi to withdraw the lawsuit, deciding so close with this story. Protection of ’ image, awareness, or simply want to tranquility, that is, the important thing that finally ended the war between Vasco Rossi and handlers of Uncyclopedia. hopefully that is not only a momentary truce, like a wound that left untreated, will reopen and begins to bleed again, perhaps with the ’ yet another controversy.

Here's the letter that they sent managers to Vasco Rossi, and then he posted on his Facebook fan page:

Dear readers,

Thanking you for the warm support, we would like to first clarify that we dissociate ourselves from the violence with which the web has reacted to our decision to obscure the site. Our intention was never to make the ’ users against Vasco as to inform you of events.We apologize if the contents page of Vasco Rossi seemed defamatory, not c l ’ ’ was never intended to offend the singer.Add that we have no responsibility about the alleged versions of the page to Vasco Rossi that circulate in the network, incorrect because it does not exist on our site.Both sides c ’ a desire to ensure quality humor, therefore do not exclude the possibility that future on Uncyclopedia one day will return to exist an article on Vasco Rossi who makes laugh everyone.

Tania Sachs, the official spokesman of the rocker, assured of being able to withdraw the lawsuit against Uncyclopedia.

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