Friday, October 14, 2011

Men and women-sneak peeks: Giorgia Lucini leaves the throne?

Giorgia Lucini would be ready to leave the throne rose of men and women. His attitude not liked even Maria De Filippi.

The ’ adventure of tronista men and women, Giorgia Lucini, could come at the end after only a few episodes. Giorgia, at the center of controversy in these first weeks of the throne, appears to have decided to leave the program. For now it is just rumors, fueled by the most knowledgeable about the program blog di Maria De Filippi, but in the week could reach important news. Also other tronista, Chiara Sammartino, seems to be doubting his role in the program of Channel 5, but almost certainly will continue his adventure.

Among the reasons that led the beautiful tronista Giorgia, former suitors diAndrea Angelini, to abandon the programme prematurely, it seems there are numerous controversies and disputes that the girl had to face in these first few weeks.Attacks led daTina Cipollari, who does not believe the character that you are creating Giorgia, who wants to present how the girl angry and angelica in search of true love. It is said that latteggiamento of Giorgia not enjoyed even Mary, who is thinking about an exoneration of the girl.The false Giorgia, as well as the ’ called Sgarbi, it seems, therefore, be close to the end of his adventure rose to the throne If cos … sar, who take his place?
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