Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Berlusconi-Lavitola: new eavesdropping between the two.

Have been published by Repubblica, new excerpts of eavesdropping between the Premier and Lavitola.

Have been reported from quotidianoRepubblica, new excerpts of interception between Berlusconi and PremierSilvio Carlucci, acts dellinchiesta funds dellAvanti. Interceptions are public ones, made available by the public prosecutor's Office for the defence. Conversations recorded would be a very close relationship between the President of the Council and Lavitola, who would often harvest outlets: In Italy we are now in the hands of the judges of the left who support a Republic and foreign press. We do outside the Milan courthouse and assediamo Republic, confid Berlusconi. The recordings show the role of Lavitola as interlocutor with the palaces of power.

I clearly print the news that the Cardinal Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, had telephoned to Mr. Lavitola. The news is absolutely groundless. He said the Director of the Vatican Press Office, father Lombardi. The reference to call published today by Republic, between Lavitola and the Quaestor della Camera Francesco Colucci, in which the same Lavitola, who wanted to become Undersecretary, reported to have received a phone call from Bertone.
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