Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Vasco Rossi: from Facebook the truth about Uncyclopedia

Polemic on Uncyclopedia. Vasco Rossi defends himself on Facebook: "Not satire but defamation." The people of the web occurs.

Continue the controversy around the sudden closure of Uncyclopedia, ’. The people of the web, makes it feel strong voice and turns to what is considered an unfair decision “ ’ ”. Vasco Rossi, through its Facebook fan page, keeps us to respond to allegations that feels absolutely not well founded.
After the clarification of the rocker of Zocca and those of his lawyer, Vasco Rossi wrote on Facebook, a ’ another note titled “ W satire when ” satire. The contents of the note very clear or Vasco Rossi, clarifies that he does not want to totally restrict freedom of expression but c ’ difference between satire and libel. What the State asked the anonymous site managers to Uncyclopedia, was only to come out and then get to know the identity of the ’ site managers and authors anonymous. The rocker of Zocca goes on to say that there are around other parodies of Vasco Rossi but they are not defamatory, as are the content of Uncyclopedia.

According to Vasco so wrong about the message that is launched from Uncyclopedia, the content on the singer, because it is not pure irony but free of malice and boundless defamation, intending to harm the ’ image of Vasco Rossi. The web people divided, because fans of rocker are all deployed from the singer praised with great tenacity, ’ other instead c ’ who has not digested the ’ legal action against the site managers to Uncyclopedia, which, according to reports from the site, has forced the parties concerned, to close the web page.

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