Monday, October 03, 2011

Star Academy is a flop, but defends Facchinetti

Star Academy a flop, but Francesco Facchinetti defends him. The presenter neo-pap there being numerous criticism received from his new television program and guarantees that will continue for a long time, despite the departure has been excellent.

It was definitely a debut lucky for Star Academy, new broadcast talent subsidiary Raidue. After leaving that X Factor he moved on Sky, Rai has decided to rely on this new format that not much is a departure from the previous one. The Star Academy date by talent, just as happened to the X Factor. And ’ the music the absolute protagonist of the program, trying to bring out young boys grappling with the most important challenge to become real singers.

Star Academy a flop, as emerged from all the newspapers the day after the first airing of the program. The comments were not apparently very cute, but Francesco Facchinetti, presenter of this new talent show, keeps us to defend a sword is his program and it does as his usual on Facebook: “ I would like every now and then there was the desire to understand which was the first episode. Star Academy will improve, the kick-off it was fine. The first episode of the X Factor in 2008, the most beautiful thing that journalists and people have told me but that is stuff sucks!. The singers to Star Academy are very good, I play the bits of brain that I so not needed. To make you understand that arent laudio. ”

And ’ clear that Facchinetti there are numerous criticisms suffered, his talent show needs some time, as indeed happens to ’ debut of any program. Furthermore the presenter neo pap realized that his talent show works on the internet and in this ’ era seems to rely more on the web. Star Academy a flop for many, but not for Facchinetti prover to defend his program until the end. The presenter convinced that bring it off to take off, but like any new feature you will require a p setting. Avr reason Facchinetti?

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