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Gaddafi: before dying was left to the fury of the people.

Before the final sigh Gaddafi was left to the blind fury of the people: kicking, screaming and spitting have "accompanied" before his death.

dead as a rat. Coaxed in a drainage pipe, dragged and mercilessly. died as a hero, as he had sworn that he would do. Fighting until last, without escape, in his native city Sirte, which had started in 1969 his conquest of Libya.

On the bloodied corpse and dirty diMuammar Gheddafiscorre the tape of his last hours. A rat, say the rebels have blocked that Measured a few kilometres from Sirte, fleeing. A great and courageous leader, say loyalists.

He is the endgame of the movie, dallimmagine Colonel now corpse. Who does breathe a sigh of relief to the offices of half the world, Italy. A Gaddafi at the bar, with its potential revelations, would have triggered seismic waves unmanageable, with his open-minded and transversal management of political and economic relations with the great powers.
There are six in the morning of Sirte, when it starts linizio the end. The rebels dellundicesima Brigade, from Measured, in accordance with Nato commands in Naples where the command center for operations in Libya decide to launch loffensiva final against residual forces of Loyalists. Have almost certainty that in a district of the city, the number 2, and in particular in a fortified building inside the main Conference Centre of Sirte where weeks are allassedio rebels about 2000 loyalists rais you hide Gaddafi with some of his children and close associates.

According to the report, a drone fontiNato base at Sigonella a Global Hawk American signals the night before that something interesting moves in the compound. (C) an extraordinary security apparatus around the heart of the Conference Centre. Special forces on Land Use, from time deployed to carry out the intelligence functions, confirm that Gadhafi has never left Sirte in recent weeks and that the time has come to close the match.

Allalba the unit give the rebels away from the allattacco, while Us drones over the number two of Sirte to block any escape attempts. That materialize, they claim several sources, about eight o'clock in the morning. A convoy of 15 Pik-up Japanese and Americans, armed with guns and machine guns, out of the compound and take the road from Sirte goes westward. The drones to transmit images of the caravan to the command in Naples. From the Summit Nato warn rebels put into motion, while the Alliance fighters rise in flight to intercept him. A French Mirage takes action and with an air-to-ground missile hits the head of the convoy: us to block the escape of Rais, dir then with undisguised pride French Defence Minister Gerard Longuet.

The blow causes carnage. Between the sheets twisted media afire lie the bodies of at least 50 semicarbonizzati militiamen loyal to rais. Among them the Minister of defence of Gaddafi, Abu Bakr Yunis. We are three kilometres west of Sirte, close to a power control unit to the side of the road. Twenty metres of clay separating the malt paved from the surrounding desert. Gaddafi and a handful of bodyguards is seen exiting a pick-upChevroletbianco and with great difficulty reaching the edge of the road and then disappear. We started with the salvos submachineguns told Salem Bakeer, militiaman of Measured then we descended dallauto and chased them away. A young bodyguard leaves a wide tube one meter below the road, has raised high, Mithras says I give up, then I look in your face and shoots. We Answer.

From Gaddafi orders his men not to shoot. The boy screams, my master, Gaddafi here and here. Take and pull out, Salem. He co-starred in a submachine gun and the notorious Belgian, doro gun in one hand. An 18-year-old boy, Ahmed Al Shebani, then takes off. The dictator put bad: wounded in the legs, back and spreads to the abdomen, but alive.

Is dragged into a white van, shake among the rebels, tries to talk, lie down by force.Don't shoot, don't shoot, he begs. What's happening?. Are his last words. A shot in the temple, fired by the young Ahmed, kills him. A little more in the end does the same Muatassin, pi's son later same fate touches her brother Saif. Then, loaded on unambulanza, the body of the dictator is 120 km distance to be measured, in the mosque of the city.

Top secret burial, say the rebels. But, ensuring the well informed, Gaddafi end in sea as Osama bin Laden, without a grave mausoleum that the memories.
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