Monday, October 10, 2011

Rihanna after Armani, conquest l ’ England

Rihanna new testimonial Armani. Golden moment for singer originally from Barbados who managed in a short time to become a genuine style icon. After Armani Rihanna has conquered England with her new single We found love.

Rihanna's new face of Armani. The singer in the middle of his career and especially his great success, in a few years managed to climb the charts around the world, proving one of the most talented singers. Rihanna also rely on his fisichetto not bad and a sensualit that allows you to talk more and 's. Not by chance that Armani l ’ has chosen as testimonial of his trademark at the time Rihanna the best circulation even in marketing. Loves to constantly renew its look and allow this to become a new icon of style. It has been years since his first hit single, Umbrella, Rihanna is not pi stop.

Her new single, We found love, gi became a catchphrase and within four days he even sold over 87 000 copies in the UK, peaking at first place of the individual EPS sold. And ’ you the Queen of the ’ autumn music, but for Rihanna the work does not end here. And ’ in fact ready to engage in the first film actress, thanks to Peter Berg has desired that the ’ in his new film Battleship that come next year. The Barbadian singer originiaria the classic example of the success acquired thanks to singing ability but not only. Rihanna scale the European charts, but his character's stopper.

We must not for comparing to Lady Gaga, who actually tip only on ’ and transgression. Rihanna relies on its strong sensualit definitely, but unlike Miss Germanotta try not make scandals, do not create media upheavals. The success of Rihanna due to its great ability to be fair to take in anything. Therefore not only music, but also advertising, cinema and quant ’.
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