Sunday, October 09, 2011

Angelica Livraghi and Guendalina Tavassi guests Sun 5.

The former gieffina sar guest lounge Federica Panicucci, to tell the causes of the end of his love affair with Ferdinando Giordano, known inside the House.
Tomorrow afternoon at 13.40 andr on Channel 5 aired a new episode on Sunday 5 with Federica Panicucci and Claudio Brachino. Among the guests of the two former rivals of the last edition of the reality of Channel 5, big brother: Angelica Livraghi and Guendalina Tavassi.

The first sar program host to tell the public the reasons which have led to put an end to its history d ’ love with Ferdinand the Neapolitan, former contestant of the past year. The two have made a few days the news on their Facebook pages. The two lovebirds have not resisted for a long time together but, although gi inside the House, and they were the first symptoms of a mutual intolerance. And after a short period to cohabitation, ’ about 5 months, arrived at the final break. The well informed about a betrayal by Ferdinand, however, to know in detail what happened between the two baster tune in tomorrow afternoon on Canale5 and follow Sunday 5.

L ’ other former reality star of channel 5, host of the Panicucci, sar Guendalina Tavassi, one of the most discussed of competitors the past year, cheracconter from where he decided to start their lives back, trying to avoid spotlight and paparazzi.

But the episode won't be dedicated only to veterans of the GF: during Sunday 5, we will, in fact, will be carried out interviews with Gerry Scotti, Elisabetta Gregoraci and protagonists of new fiction by Channel 5, a love and revenge, Anna Valley and Lorenzo Flaherty.
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