Saturday, October 29, 2011

Senate accused: mislaid shock of mensa on Facebook

Runs from days on Facebook, the ticket scandal, which comes directly from the table of the Senate. The chaste wins again.

In a time of economic crisis, where the ’ the European Union, as well as millions of Italians, claim concrete answers from the Berlusconi Government, with real and concrete reforms and bays in the air or worse yet, check Facebook a ticket scandal, issued by the Senate cafeteria.
Knabenhans strikes, riots and media request for resignation, in a black period like this, and among those seeking to salvage, claiming that then there ’ this whole crisis around, and among those who did not doubt and asks insistently the immediate resignation of the Prime Minister, on Facebook I never miss the controversy over the Government, but this time the factdell ’, really incredible.

On the famous social network, continues to run by day, a ticket issued by the Senate cafeteria. Here's what the ticket scandal:

The receipt is not one of the many; Comes from the canteen of the Senate, where is the scandal, you ask? In the prices applied to foods. A common mortal ” “ restaurant, would not have certainly spent 11.41 europer all this lunch. But the most scandalous thing, that the Government asks us to make sacrifices but apparently they don't hold us to them, that you do not miss anything, not even a nice cut with Arugula and grana, paid only EUR 3.41. And to think that there are normal people who fail even to arrive at the end of the month, let alone go to the restaurant.

The chaste wins again!

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