Monday, September 19, 2011

Digital psychologist to say stop smoking

Digital psychologist arrives to help quit smoking. Every day a personal coach motivandoci for us not switch presented the famous cigarette.

Smoking hurts. And a fact. And now, along with the usual written threatening to raw photos accompanying the awareness campaigns, also comes the psychologist. The new anti smoking campaign entitled ex-smokers. Are irresistible was desired by the European Commissioner for health and consumer policies, better known as SANCO, John Dalli. The project reference, and three years and avr for the purpose of conveying a positive message with regard to quit smoking. For example, under lineando how much money you can save by surrendering to our beloved blondes.

But what exactly? This is a real online community called iCoach able to follow nellarduo to quit smoking. Virtual therapy is divided into 5 different stages. You get to the stage 4 when you stop smoking. You pass Stadium 5 when we considered healed from our virtual coach. Therefore, after having subscribed to the site with all personal data, you will be asked some questions to which we should respond in a sincere way possible. Depending on our responses, we entered into a stage of addiction. Every day, on our pc, we will receive an email that we sproner to continue the fight against smoking. Tips, exercises, tests, we should help through positive thinking, to give up cigarettes. In short, this is a real practical help that goes far beyond the usual from campaigns.

To worry about the medical specialists of et between 25 and 34 years, mostly women, smokers. Then you tried to find a way to bring this slice of smokers to awareness. And in the era of the internet you know a method pi shared a social network? For our part we can only say one thing, much in the topic: I like it!

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