Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mazzarri: it will be difficult but we will try

The Naples away, affonter Cesena on synthetic field. Difficult second Mazzarri, repeat last year's Championship, but the Naples there prover anyway.
Mazzarri does proclamations, such as his habit and says that it will be difficult to repeat the same amazing Championship last year, but that the prover in Naples there anyway.
I am satisfied with how much did the company during the market, we managed to reinforce the team also considered the Champions that awaits us and where we certainly make beautiful figure, regardless of how then will go to finish. Says Mazzarri. And Sar difficult repeat the uproarious Championship last year, even if there are going to try anyway, and always. There are 3-4 teams from another planet, but we'll do everything to behave well.

Mazzarri and firmly decided to behave well, and with him the Naples, gi from the first championship game which will see the Blues face the Cesena away, with extra lincognita synthetic field. Napoli will, in fact, between teams of seria A, the first to experiment with this field, and for this reason the azzurri are parties in advance, so you can try a synthetic Fund, a workout before the game.

Mazzarri does not exclude that there may be new in training, gi in before onset. We must realize that gi in a few days we will have the first international race away, and then we are in need of determination of forces. But there are absolutely no problems, since the proper rose, both numerically and qualitatively, to support the various commitments that await us questanno.

In fact, the Tuscan left Naples Grava and Lucarelli and brought with him to Cesena also the last two Argentine purchases, Fideleff and Chavez and Pandev, also could be deployed.Limportante Napoli-starting with the right foot, because this could be an injection of confidence, also in view of the next difficult commitments that await the President's team De Laurentis.

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