Friday, September 23, 2011

Died: infection for 3 trial of doctors Hospital ’ of Modica

Trial with charges of manslaughter for the three doctors of the Hospital of Modica. In August 2010 a woman died as a result of an infection contracted after orthopaedic surgery.

Trial for 3 doctors hospital maggiore of Modica in virt dellimplicazione in the same in the tragic death of a patient. The decision was taken by the Prosecutor of Modica by the Chief Public Prosecutor Francesco Puleio. Laccusa of manslaughter. But how are things? Therefore nellestate of 2010 a siciliana, S.C. sub surgery to his right leg following a severe fracture. After a brief stay Mrs. pot back to his home. Torn for three times in the hospital to undergo the usual monitoring visits. The controls were so superficial that it seems none of the three doctors who had carried out lha noticed that there was a serious infection. After a few days dallultimo control, infection was so extended by Mrs. urgent hospitalization. The July 22, 2010 entr resuscitation Department hospital Maggiore di Modica.

At the beginning it seemed that things would return to the place. After 15 days spent in intensive care, the patient was transferred to the Department. Where he remained alive for 48 hours. You turned off due to a respiratory arrest. Probably if he remained in intensive care you could save. The Prosecutor explained that doctors have sin of incompetence when not intervened with a suitable therapy for serious dellinfezione. In addition, all symptoms that had Mrs. were typical signs of a sharp deterioration. These include high fever, increased pain and dehydration. Could easily be intercepted and handled gi to the first monitoring visits. This would surely have saved Mrs. from a tragic death as a result of a simple orthopedic intervention. We hope that this accusation is a warning to those people who do their work with professionalism. In all classes, but in that of doctors in particular.

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