Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ryan Gosling: Eva Mendes? No after Bullock and Mc Adams

Ryan Gosling talks about his personal life. And of his loves. Sandra Bullock and Rachel Mc Adams. No after them has pi centered his heart.

Ryan Goslin disproves the rumors that want boyfriend of the beautiful Eva Mendes. And it does so by quoting his two great loves pi: Sandra Bullock and Rachel Mc Adams. And declaring that no after them, managed to capture his heart. A new declaration for the two former damore they had conquered Ryan during the filming of many important films. For Sandra Bullock galeotto Formula for a crime, while for the spark scocc Mc Adams during the pages of our lives. Now no girlfriend horizon, only one film that engages as a marriage.

Rayan said that would put a family and maybe could leave even career to devote himself body and soul to his alleged children. Not that the missed opportunities are, of course. Bryan Goslin a veritable sex symbol. Among his recent flirt include Olivia Wilde, Blake Lively and Kat Dennings. But their report Bryan does not speak. Goslin risen recently to the lights of the limelight gossippara for some photos that they see him walk to Disneyland with the beautiful Eva Mendes. So for now nothing new in the field of love. Of course, we will know then how svilupper lamicizia with the lovely Eva

Meanwhile, as we said, Bryan Goslin is devoted to a new film, whose plot still top secret. After the successes to which has accustomed us, including Half Nelson that earned the nomination allOscar as best actor and Golden Globe nomination with Lars and the real girl and Blue Valentine, the film that is about to finish filming could not that be a great success. Or at least I hope. As the hope of finding the woman of his life and form the family covets.

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