Sunday, September 18, 2011

Penelope Cruz and Sergio Castellitto, when a movie gets old

In Sarajevo, a Gem Penelope Cruz aged, he meets an old friend who had presented in 1984, the man she loved for life. Flashback time will revive his poignant love story, set in post-war Bosnia. Venuto al mondo film directed by Sergio Castellitto, based on the novel by Margaret Mazzantini really a film not to be missed.
After the success of don't move, Sergio Castellitto returns with Penelope Cruz to interpret Venuto al mondo, a masterpiece of prose from the brilliant minds of Margaret Mazzantini. Already in the first film, adapted from a book of Italian writer, the Director had so much cos imbruttito l ’ Spanish actress to make it really unrecognizable. In this new film, the lovely Penelope sar very aged. Dark hair with white veins, bags under the eyes and wrinkles d ’ expression are a ’ taxation script of the film shot in Sarajevo. The beautiful Cruz will bud, a mother who after many years returned home in the city together with his son, now 16 years old.

In Sarajevo, where he runs Came in the world by Sergio Castellitto, Penelope Cruz-Gemma, very aged, he meets his old friend, just what in 1984 he did know Diego, l ’ man of his life, which she loved more than herself for life. History of ’ love between Diego and Gemma moving and poignant story that the focus of the plot of the film. Based on the novel of Mazzantini, winner of the Premio Campiello, 2009 Castellitto's wife tried to tell a story really suggestive and moving against the backdrop of a city destroyed by war.

Flashback thunderstorms are the light motif of the new film, where Sergio Castellitto transforms Penelope Cruz in a mother aged, who returns with his son in its town, Sarajevo, and remembers all the events that have characterized his evocative and exciting story d ’ love. Diego and Gemma live their love in post-war Bosnia and temporal events allow backlinks to tell through a friend, dangerous life stories. A love born during the war that porter at the birth of a child, only remember that story d ’ love that you really change your life. Masterful Penelope conducted by a magnificent Castellitto that increasingly inspired by the wonderful and moving stories of his wife Margaret Mazzantini. We can affirm that the lovely Penelope Cruz, also “ aging ”, always maintains its charm and beauty.

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