Thursday, September 22, 2011

Murder Melania Rea: the truth about cell phones

There are interesting new clues about the murder of Melanie Rea. According to investigators the truth will emerge from the cellular of the couple. To Melania Rea had sms deleted, seems to be this track right to the truth.

Continue the unrelenting investigation on ’ murder of Melania Rea, the girl from Somma Vesuviana disappeared on 18 April and found lifeless in the woods of Ripe Civitella. Investigators have identified the husband Salvatore Parolisi the main suspect for this murder, but there are still no concrete evidence that they can fully bring out the truth. For the PM does not seem to be many doubts as to the murderer of Melania ’ Rea, the husband of author ’ this brutal crime took place, according to the various reconstructions of the facts, right in the forest dov ’ found the body of the victim. And ’ in this area that the investigators are working to find some other important test.

Now there seems to be a new investigations concerning the murder of Melania ’ Rea. We are focusing very much on the schedules of death and of the various calls made by Salvatore Parolisi warning the police of the disappearance of his wife. The truth is expected to emerge from the cellular of the couple. The suspicion of investigators increased investigating thoroughly on cellphone Melania, that deletion of the last sms sent and received. On the ’ murder of Melania Rea the truth should emerge from cell phones. For this reason investigators have hired an experienced mobile telecommunications to attempt to discover what are the sms erased and understand where are the first matches of Salvatore Parolisi calls.

One wonders especially because these have been deleted here, that sms investigators will emerge the whole truth about the murder of Melania ’ Rea. ’ and also important to clarify who has deleted sms and why he did it. In addition, legal Salvatore Parolisi, now in jail, have announced that a short show evidence that scagioneranno their assisted, which of course continues to plead innocent. The truth in one step? The track seems to be the right one.

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