Thursday, September 15, 2011

Windows 8, new challenge to Microsoft

Windows 8, comes the new challenge to Microsoft. Perfect for Tablet Pc, netbooks, and Versatile and innovative. The first approaches are very positive.

Windows 8 is going to get the new operating system Microsoft House. And promises to be a great innovation. Windows 8, the new challenge of a Microsoft software with touch screen technology. In front of an audience of 5000 designers and developers of computer Software, was presented on the Samsung Tablet.

8 Windows software adaptable to Tablet PCs, netbooks and therefore very versatile. The first major differences with the previous Windows 7, are in start button disappears to leave space to Start Scree, a dynamic interface with the men to flow. The icing on the cake from the fact that use multi-touch, from the best: with the passage of the finger you immediately the main men.

The Control Panel completely revisited. Absolute novelty on the reset button for settings, but also a simplicity of use much more intuitive. Other news complete disappearance of the Windows, we have accompanied in any version of Windows. Is the Task Manager, improved and enhanced with a function in the statistics.

Still improved energy consumption, reduced by much respect allormai old Windows 7. The software also compatible with Seven and has a Lock Screen notifications snapshots. Ok, lots of news. But industry insiders that think? The company sees rosy future analysis for the new Microsoft. It seems that developers have made a welcome positive pi that Windows 8. hardware doesn't Like Metro, the touch screen and all other innovations. And most of all love liniziativa Built With Us (build with us) to attract private developers on Windows 8. In short, many new to the world Microsoft that promises to have planned the most revolutionary software since Windows 95.

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