Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bad memories: clears with a medicine

On arrival a medicine that promises to eliminate the bad memories. The discovery was made in New York by a scientific team led by Cristina Posts

Are drugs that erase the bad memories. To support scientists in neurology department in New York, led by Cristina posts. According to the results of the study disclosed on the occasion of the 7TH Conference on The future of science in Venice, baster swallow a Tablet capable of impeding the formation of certain hormones, and there remember pi nothing bad. Lequipe science has discovered a particular mechanism, what controls the consolidation of memories. This mechanism directly linked to certain hormones and serves to cancel or reinforce memory. Acting on hormones, it is possible to act on the mechanism.

Therefore. How can we imagine that our mind store a memory for a very long time, that this is tied to a strong emotional state, both positive and negative. As soon as you exceed the threshold stress, a rather strange thing happens. The brain as if you were to block and decrease its ability to manage learning not to consolidate memory. Many memories are directly linked to the release of hormones. In particular, the Adrenaline and cortisol. You can take advantage of these hormones to increase or decrease the ability to remember.

So scientists have made an experiment of this type. On some mice (and poor beasts, always in the Middle when c by torturing) have given a high dose of negative growth factor to block the formation of memory. On the contrary it administered the positive, IGF2 to strengthen it. And experiments have given reason scientists, With a medicine you can forget the bad memories. Now it only remains to verify that these components are not toxic (there he worries before injecting mice, right?) and then passer experimentation on humans. We have to wait. And perhaps begin to write a diary. You never know, maybe we erase memories

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