Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reja satisfied on Lazio is confident for the future

Edy Reja, satisfied with the outcome, though, as they put things, hoped to get more.
Reja can be happy as his Lazio managed to do in San Siro against dItalia, though a hint of regret for the failure to win c always. For as you were put on technical things, goriÃ…¡ka, felt that we had hoped that victory that is missing the Lazio at San Siro by 22 years had them on hand, you just put the three points safe and return home. But you know, the devil never adagio was pi guessed, there would always have put the tail, which he promptly did.
Yet, even after the draw of Cassano, Lazio could have loccasione back to advantage and bring home the three points with a chance that Ciss failed to capitalise, but okay cos. Right result and a point each, although Cheerful not of the same warning. For what you saw in the second half, says the rossoneri, we deserved the three points.

Obviously, Reja think differently, but the football great for this. Each sees it from their point of view and, ultimately, free to think of it as they see fit.

We started well, and in fact we put Milan under twice, says Reja, but then we gradually dropped and in the second half we didn't have more leg. We are short of preparation, normal, we are just at the beginning, and is still hot, and then we came to Miss forces. But okay cos. We have come to Milan and we played, and could not make the roster. We have suffered a little on the outside, but this we knew as the rossoneri are very good on. What we need to improve the recovery phase ball, why then before we have different solutions.

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