Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hiv: compound to avoid infection

Discovered a compound able to avoid infection of cells affected by the HIV virus. The compound comes from pectin and paste it on the diseased cells as a ballast.

This may be a very important discovery, carried out by a team of researchers at the University of Utah, in America. It seems that scientists have managed to discover a particular compound able to create a protective film around the cells of the virus dellHIV, managing to avoid infection to healthy cells. Patrick f. Kiser, project coordinator and teacher at the Faculty of medicine, explained that in contrast to classical drugs that treat lHIV, which affect the mechanisms involved in the infection, this novel compound that prevents click mechanism. The secret lies in a family of proteins, lectins. These proteins are particularly attracted by sugars. And sugars completely cover all of the dellHIV virus. In short, inserting of lectins in the blood, these stick virus cells, preventing them from starting the mechanism of the infection. A ballast, practically.

All trials, whose findings were published in the scientific journal Molecular Pharmaceutics were made with natural pectin extracted from plants or from bacteria. And gave all a positive outcome. A problem for c. The cost. Extract the lectin cost much. Scientists then you have to do to play in the lab, so by trying to lower costs. The compound sinettico manages to have the same effects of lectin. How do you explain the same Kiser, an element capable of defend dallHIV must respond to certain characteristics: it must be comprehensive, it must be very powerful and can be reproduced in quantity. And the new anti-HIV compound seems to have all of these features. Could be a really big breakthrough in the fight against this disease. Especially the feature that would make this compound a medicine would be the low cost. If you could get the mixture against lHIV at low cost, we could save millions of people, especially in regions of the world where lHIV become a pandemic.

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