Sunday, September 18, 2011

Andrea Bocelli moves Central Park, not even the rain stops

Sumptuous and moving the Bocelli live Central Park, a free concert of Tuscan tenor Andrea Bocelli. Famous people and not make a par-terre about 70 thousand people, where the rain makes it even more fascinating a beautiful starry stage.
Location scenic and exciting voice: these weapons winning characterizing Andrea Bocelli concert at New York's Central Park. The famous Italian tenor managed to sing 70 thousand people despite rain. In Duet with Tony Bennett on the notes master, New York, New York the crowd explodes in a frenzy of singing voices in time and with passion. Happiness and triumph for an Italian voice has become global. Thousands of smiling faces in Central Park in the Big Apple plagued by rain. In this wonderful place you have performed thousands of international artists, by Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Jackson. Numbered and lawn chairs free backdrop to people who sing with love and happiness, carefree dancing in the rain.

Emotions, love, and liking palpable index skyrocketing for Andrea Bocelli concert at Central Park. Around 70 thousand people, property under water and cold, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Alan Gilbert and the Westminster Symphonic Choir, filled with voices and music d l ’ ’ author huge starry stage for Bocelli live. A concert by the historic proportions of Tuscan tenor that was organised by the record company Sugar, in collaboration with the Barilla family. The ’ image of the real made in Italy remains indelible in the hearts and minds of thousands of people awed by harmony of voices and amazing music.

After about a year of work and tens of millions of dollars, Bocelli live Central Park a free concert of Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Many duets with the second American after the death of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett with the lyric Italian seems to be at ease. D Moreover, Andrea ’ renowned for his kindness and his umilt d ’ mind, as well as for his inimitable voice. Interpreting the most famous Arias as if they were songs to s, the Italian master search free style from lyrical and entertains thousands of fans in the rain. L ’ Ave Maria played as a prayer for rain spectators in New York and the star American intervened at the ’ event as Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin, Sting and Rudolph Giuliani. A real Italian triumph with Bocelli comfortable, happy and loved by the crowd.

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