Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Anthrax! ’ and powder fire extinguisher

Anthrax was Macch powder fire extinguisher. Or detergent. Escaped alarm for employees of the postal branch of Turin at via Reiss Romoli. Who have remained ' hostages ' for 20 hours.

Macch anthrax! Was a fire extinguisher powder. Alarm back, thankfully, for the employees of the Turin branch of Reiss Romoli. The remaining hostages were postal Bureau until c was the news of the escaped danger. Ben 20 hours. But, as they say, of course, better safe than sorry has been fear that! Employees of Turin Tuesday evening had noticed a powder blue to escape from a parcel on the conveyor belt carrying the mail. A employee had also accidentally touched the dust. And exploded immediately alarm. In a delicate moment like this, for international terrorism, fear a lot. The employees of the branch are closed until I stir not been averted eventual infection.

Employees, as we said, remained closed in the Branch Office. And it seems that they have not received any kind of assistance. No covered or food, just a chance to sleep in their cars. At about 2.30 a.m., some policemen have informed the hostages to return home under their own responsibility. But many of them did not felt. They could not risk infecting children and relatives. And they waited with diligence the news of the averted danger. Actually, after a few hours dallaccaduto, ventolava the news that some kids were seen tinkering with a fire extinguisher near a mailbox. But it was only a rumor, not proven, therefore not reliable. You could not risk. And click quarantine.

After the first analysis of the fire, with negative results, arrived at around 3 pm the response analysis. No danger. The substance azzurrina not poison whatsoever, but simply powder fire extinguisher. Or detergent. Still unclear, but it does not matter, for the moment the only thing that they wanted to know the employees been ascertained: Macch anthrax!

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