Friday, September 30, 2011

Lastest: not only Tevez

Tevez always at the Centre of the desires of Inter. But also other claimants, come ready to take advantage of any indecision of Moratti.
The transfer dellInter now everything seems to be focused on each other's Tevez, but Moratti club not the only to be interested allargentino the City en route now with Mancini. Mark a difficult competitor, Real Madrid and as if that weren't enough, the Juve that always seems to sneak in negotiations. At the moment, however, seems to be the lead lInter, which had begun to talk to the City since last dallestate, and therefore should in fact be in pole position.

The club which could, for, give greater discomfort to Moratti just Real, Mourinho, in case you managed to get allApache to blame, say so, of the nerazzurri, might try to convince Moratti to cede Pazzini, highly esteemed by the Special One. Is not an easy task, when lInter would deprive ourselves of Milito that with Mourinho won so much. But the Prince did not form at the time comparable to that of his best years, and then everything might eventually get complicated.Another track which talks about these days called Lavezzi, that could get allInter in return for the cession of Padev. Apart from the awesomeness of the news, it seems obvious that this is, in this case, fantamercato, as well hardly De Laurentiis will deprive cos light-heartedly of Pocho in exchange for Pandev. Macedonian, at the moment, there seems to be in conditions to ensure what can give largentino, and then, the fans would surely something to say on a similar operation.

LInter would also be interested in playing for Bolton Wanderers and England's Gary Cahill, followed by other big European clubs. However, it would seem that the gi in Cheslea is advantage in negotiation and probably might grab defenseman gi in the next transfer window in January.

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