Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Rem is gratefully

After 31 years melt the Rem. ' There we go with a great sense of gratitude. Greetings and thanks directly from the pages of the official site.

After 31 years of honorable career the Rem announce their breakup. And they do through the web site of the band, A collective message, dellintera Band and many individual personal messages as there are members of the group, to greet fans and to thank them. As R.E.M and as friends of a lifetime and co-conspirators, we decided to close our history as a band. There we go with a great sense of gratitude, of accomplishment and amazement to everything we have achieved. To all those who are excited with our music, our deep thanks for listened. Cos the historical group American salutes supporters that followed them for over 30 years.

Unexpected conclusion for this historical group, which started in 1980 in Georgia. Born as anti-conformist, Rem were awarded the honors of the public thanks to the famous song "Losing my Religion, which was dellalbum Out of Time. After many years of honorable career, multiply the greetings and thanks the members of the band. The singer, Michael Stipe, emphasizes the decision to conclude his career such as Rem, stressing that we must learn to go. And they do it their way. With class and discretion, typical features of their music. There are greetings and thanks for those who believed in them and for those who have worked with them, contributing to the great success that have gotten over the years. As Peter Bucks moved to greet Bill Berry was forced to leave the band in the early days of his career. A blow for all fans, who probably hoped to be able to hear new successes of their pets, especially after the great success with its last album, tour, Collapse into now. We have to wait luscita dellimmancabile Greatest Hits

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